Fruit Wine Series


Lychee Wine

在地果荔枝酒  8.5% 480ml

Lychee was named “Royal Fruit”, which is iconic and famous for fruity and fleshy taste. We select premium Yuherbau Lychee from southern Taiwan, which has large flesh and sweet but a small seed. Concentrated tropical fruits aromas with great scents of lychee fill the glass. The bouquet of lychee wine is full of rich lychee flavor and end with an amazing essence.


  • Premium lychee
  • Fruity and fleshy taste
  • Great scents of lychee

Pineapple Wine

在地果鳳梨酒  8.5% 480ml

Taiwan is known by many as the 'Kingdom of Fruit. It excels at growing a diverse array of delicious fruit, especially pineapple and lychee. Sunnvill selects the finest pineapple to create a delicate and potent taste and overturn the stereotype of Taiwan’s pineapple. This liqueur has intense and nice golden color with elegant effervescence.


  • Taiwanese local plum
  • Roasted and smoky taste
  • Unique aroma
  • Extra rich flavor

Plum Wine

在地果梅子酒  8.5% 480ml

Sunnvill produces the finest plum wine in Taiwan. This liqueur 100% crafted fresh with premium ripe plums from agricultural co-op farms in Taiwan. This is not a complex wine and it leans toward the fruity side. The palate is strong with abundant fruit flavors of fresh plums. You can make many kinds of drinks with it!


  • 100% premium ripe plum
  • Strong and abundant palate
  • Fruit flavors of fresh plums

Peach Wine

在地果蜜桃酒  8.5% 480ml

Sunnvill’s peach wine exhibits aromatics of peaches. It is popular and an entry-level fruit wine that are nicely focused and have a definite appeal to a wide range of generations. In the mouth, this peach wine displays roundness and a soft texture with lovely peach flavor. The finish is smooth and sweet. This is a refreshing new style with low alcohol and perfectly pair with kinds of foods.


  • Roundness and a soft texture
  • Lovely peach flavor
  • Smooth and sweet aftertaste

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