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Rose Lychee Wine

玫瑰荔枝酒  8.5% 500ml

Rose Lychee Wine fully captures the rich fruity mouth feel of fresh lychees. This liqueur has a powerful lychee aroma with hints of Damask rose, which works perfectly in cocktails. Rose Wine is crafted with natural botanicals. We have developed a unique extraction process to obtain the rich sweet rose flavor from its bud, which has resulted in this best in class quality rose lychee wine.


  • Powerful lychee aroma
  • Hints of Damask rose
  • Rich sweet lychee flavor
  • Best quality rose lychee wine

Blossom Peach Wine

櫻花蜜桃酒  8.5% 500ml

Peach wine with fresh cherry blossom flower are the only ingredients in this delightful liqueur. By using local peaches, we have created a simple, elegant, balanced and juicy liqueur. It truly shines when paired with high quality tonic. Also, it is wonderfully complement other ingredients in complex cocktails. Open a bottle any time and enjoy our elixir.


  • Fresh cherry blossom flower
  • Elegant liqueur
  • Flower fruit wine
  • Cocktail

Lavender Wine

薰衣草淡酒  8.5% 500ml

This liqueur is infused with real lavender bud from the flowering fields of France and sweetened with champion rice of Tainan (southern Taiwan), perfect for mixing with your favorite vinegar or beer. We’ve captured this calming essence with France’s lavender liqueur. With strong aromas of floral bouquets, this liqueur is light with a smooth/sour essence in the finish.


  • lavender bud from France
  • Champion rice from Tainan
  • Calming essence
  • Strong floral aromas

Roselle Apple Wine

洛神蘋果酒  8.5% 500ml

Sunnvill's roselle apple wine is renowned for its amazing quality and time-tested techniques. To create an impeccable taste, we craft local grown roselle from Taitung (southeast of Taiwan) and our unique blending techniques We've perfected our process to bring you a roselle apple wine that can make any occasion a celebration. Contains 8.5% alcohol. Sunnvill has brought you the best way to drink your Roselle Apple Wine a day.


  • Local grown roselle
  • Fresh apple wine
  • Unique blending techniques
  • Impeccable taste

Violet Wine

紫羅蘭白葡萄酒  8.5% 500ml

This is an authentic floral liqueur of violets. Violet Wine is made from wild violet blossoms that grow in Poland and white grapes which are then added to the finest neutral spirit. The violet aroma is very subdued and natural. Also, this violet liqueur captures the delicate and elegant flavors of this fragile flower in a very impressive way.


  • Wild violet from Poland
  • White grapes
  • Subdued and natural aroma
  • Flower fruit wine

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